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My one-armed blow dry with the Dyson Airwrap

24 September 2020

Lady with straight styled hair is smiling at the camera.  Text overlay says blog post by Karen ShineI’m normally the type of person that decides I need something to help me, makes a huge list of requirements, searches the Internet, finds some more essential features and then sets about shopping. It doesn’t matter what I’m buying, whether it’s a can of dry shampoo or assistive technology, I’m always in search of the perfect solution. Some days though, I can impulse buy with the best of them.

Late last year wondering through Union Square in San Francisco doing one of my favourite activities, late-night shopping, when I stumbled across a Dyson concept store. Much to my partner’s dismay and my delight, we entered the store. He couldn’t understand why anyone would be so excited by vacuum cleaners at 9 pm on an overseas holiday. My inner nerd was bubbling over.

Upon entering the store, I wandered over to the hairdryers, when I saw the purple hairdryer, a limited edition purple hairdryer, no less. If anyone knows me, you’ll know, if it’s purple, I’m in. This was beautiful engineering in purple, I was now practically at the checkout, USA plug issues aside. The advertising focused on how much quicker it could dry your hair. I have limited use of both arms and really poor dexterity. Quick hair drying would be a game-changer for me. Then the sales assistant showed me the Dyson Airwrap.

The Dyson Airwrap is a hairdryer with a brush attachment on the end. Genius. A quick-drying hairbrush was exactly what I didn’t know my life was missing. I didn’t need to hold a hairbrush in one hand and a hairdryer in the other hand and magically create a beautiful blow-dry. (Alright, I confess, even when I had two good arms I’ve never actually been able to do that). 

The Airwrap comes with several attachments: a hairdryer, 3 types of brushes and multiple curling attachments. To be honest, I wasn’t fussed what else was in the box once I had seen the brush attachment. I could now see a way to blow dry my hair one-handed and that had made my day.

Woman is seated while a lady uses the Dyson Airwrap to style her hairI went back to the hotel that night, did another search and saw they had great reviews, especially for the speed of drying and being able to use the brush to straighten. Even better Australia had the purple one in stock.

Since getting my Airwrap I have never looked back, I am able to style my hair better than I ever have, even better than when I had full use of my hands and arms. 

I’ve also come to appreciate its shape and weight. The Airwrap’s wide straight cylinder is easy to grip and unlike a traditional hairdryer, there is no heavy top section causing wrist strain, it’s weight is evenly distributed.

Some of the other benefits worth mentioning:
- it never gets hot so, I can’t burn myself, even with dodgy dexterity. 
- It also doesn’t damage your hair like heat styling.
- You can get a decent look without having much hairstyling experience or with only one hand/arm. 
- It’s perfect when you’ve got many support workers with various skill levels. 
- It comes in purple (and a few other colour schemes).

I’ve had my Airwrap for 10 months and it’s definitely been one of the best pieces of assistive technology I’ve ever bought. This impulse buy has worked out for me.  I hope that this post helps you work out whether the Dyson Airwrap right for you.

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