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Your AT team

The small, passionate team is made up of people with a variety of different abilities and diverse skill sets.

The team is dedicated to co-designing all aspects of our service delivery to ensure that AT Chat is delivering peer-led AT information and support that is relevant and helpful to the community.

Our AT Mentors are experienced AT users with a Certificate IV in AT Mentoring and understanding of the NDIS. Using their lived experience of disability, they walk beside you to research, compare, and help you choose low to mid-cost AT equipment or technology options that will best suit your needs. They then provide advice or letters of recommendation to purchase these using your NDIS funds.

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A woman is seated in her wheelchair

Nerine Williams

AT Mentor

Nerine joins the AT Chat team from QLD.  She started using Assistive Technology (AT) in 2008 after surgery left her with limited use of her right arm and hand, and the onset of a neurological condition in 2017 saw her leave the workforce to fully commit to neurorehabilitation. 

Since then, Nerine has taken her passion for assistive technology (AT) and retrained as an AT Mentor, completing the Certificate IV in AT Mentoring. She also works in the Disability Access and Inclusion space and is active in the disability and AT user communities. She has collaborated with AT Chat on stories and blog posts, and you can read more about her work with AT Chat on the AT Portal. 

Nerine uses a range of cognitive, sensory, and mobility AT for work, crafting with friends, and getting out in the community. With a busy family, she also uses a wide range of AT in her home – especially in the kitchen!  

As an AT Mentor Nerine enjoys helping others with their own AT journeys, using her experience and knowledge around AT, and her passion for improving the lives of others. 

Learn more about our AT Mentor Service here!



A man is seated at a picnic table wearing sunglasses, his guide dog is seated at his feet.


Glenn Wilson

AT Mentor

Glenn is based in Perth Western Australia. Originally a High School Technology Teacher, Glenn stopped work when he was diagnosed with legal blindness caused by a genetic condition affecting the Macular region of the eyes.  

He now has a guide dog, Obie, which guides him to and from work as well as around the office space. Glenn expanded his general interest in technology into Assistive Technology (AT) when he began to use a range of AT because of his vision impairment.   

He completed the Certificate IV Assistive Technology Mentoring and proceeded to make use of his knowledge and lived experience to be involved in various areas of technology related to disability. Glenn’s involvement in the Disability, Access and Inclusion Committees in the Albany region, allowed him to assist in the research and recommendations of AT for people to use.  

He is very happy to be able to continue helping people to adopt AT which can help them to achieve their goals. 

Learn more about our AT Mentor Service here!



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Gail Stacey

Peer Support and Engagement Officer

Gail Stacey has worked within the health and disability sectors for over 30 years. Her lived experience of having a vision impairment and understanding of the barriers people with disability face in their community, fuels her desire to help people connect with resources that can help them lead the lives they choose.





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Claire Walton

AT Chat Project Lead

Claire joined AT Chat in February 2023. She has over 20 years of experience working in various roles in the health, disability, and community sectors, both locally and in the UK. She has a passion for trying to make a difference in people's lives. Claire is excited to be able to lead the AT Chat team in supporting individuals to make informed decisions and choices about their AT needs and to achieve meaningful outcomes.





A woman wearing glasses is looking at the camera

Eleanor Kennett-Smith

Occupational Therapist

Eleanor is an occupational therapist with 30 plus years' experience working in hospitals, community health, and the aged and community care sector throughout Australia.

She trained as an OT in Perth and currently lives in Melbourne. She has post graduate qualifications in aged care management and evaluation.

Eleanor has close family members who live with disability. Her role in the AT Chat team is to be a resource and to offer clinical guidance for the AT Mentors.