iLA (Independent Living Assessment)

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iLA LogoiLA was established in January 2020 after Independent Living Centre WA transitioned into two organisations, Indigo Australasia Incorporated and Independent Living Assessment (iLA), with iLA focus being the support of older people and people with disability through information, assessment, navigation, and sector capacity-building initiatives.


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Rethink Ageing

iLA connects the community and sector to impartial information, industry-leading resources, and person-centered assessment to empower older Australians to make informed choices about their ageing journey.      

Through healthy ageing initiatives such as LiveUp, KeepAble, Village Hubs, and the Regional Assessment Service, iLA connects older people, their families, and carers, together with service and community organisations to the information and support they need to age well.  

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A community in which all abilities are valued, where people have the knowledge, tools and confidence to participate.


Enhancing health and wellbeing by connecting the community with trusted knowledge and expertise.