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AT Chat is proud to partner with disability peaks, organisations, and businesses from around the country to create exciting peer-led AT information resources. The resources are designed to inform the partnering organisation's community about the AT options and solutions that are available and how their peers use the AT to live, play and work.

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A woman wearing a brightly coloured scarf smiles at the camera as she walks down a concrete footpath using an equally brightly coloured walking stick. Her rollator is on the footpath behind her.
Australian Inclusion Network logo

Australian Inclusion Network is Brisbane based. Our focus has always been to give people the opportunity to find a valued role in their community. We offer people choice, flexibility, and control of their lives. We help people work towards reaching their goals by offering a person centred approach to individuals, their families (and support networks), and by encouraging social inclusion in the wider community. 

Inclusion is the acceptance of all regardless of their differences. It is about appreciating people for who they are. It allows people to value differences in each other by recognising that each person has an important contribution to make to society.

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The Assistive Technology Hub (AT Hub) aims to support the development of new and better assistive technology (AT), whilst also making it more accessible to those who need it. We focus on using AT-based solutions to improve treatment, outcomes, and long-term support for people with brain injury.

The AT Hub is part of the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research which delivers world-class medical research driven by the needs of its local community. The Ingham Institute is working to radically transform health outcomes for the better – creating thriving communities, both locally and globally

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Rise Corporate Logo

Rise has been supporting people in Western Australia to follow their dreams and pursue their passions for over 35 years. This includes older Australians, those living with disability or mental health issues, and young people, through a range of services including:

• Support for older people in their home and community,
• Shared Housing and community support for people with disability,
• Mental Health services that are focused on keeping people in their home and engaged in the community,
• Youth Services, including the only Family and Domestic Violence refuge for young women in WA, and a youth centre in Stratton, and
• Housing services, providing community housing across Perth.

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Deafblind West Australians (DBWA) represents people who are deafblind living in Western Australia. This group is currently run by Members from the deafblind community.

DBWA provides support and network opportunities for people living with deafblindness in Western Australia through social outings and DBWA Connect sessions which are focused on assistive and adaptive technology literacy and where people who are deafblind can help each other. 

We are looking forward to collaborating with DBWA on a story for our Live, Play, Work series. 




DBWA logo on a blue background, there is a dotted outline of WA with the letters DBWA across it. To the side is a braille image of the letter DBWA and underneath are the words Deafblind West Australians
Vision Australia logo

Vision Australia is a leading provider of blindness related services. We offer a wide range of services, equipment and training so people who are blind or have low vision can live the life they choose. 

Whether it’s at home, work, school or in the community, our expert staff provide clients across all age groups with skills and tools to help lead active, safe and independent lives. 

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My CP Guide is an Australian online platform dedicated to people with cerebral palsy, their families, and circles of support. On this site, you’ll find the most trustworthy and up to date information, curated from around the globe, to guide you through your CP journey. 

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My CP Guide logo
The Autism Association of WA logo

The Autism Association of Western Australia is one of Australia’s largest Autism specific service providers, and the only specialist organisation providing a full range of services for children and adults in Australia.

Services are person-centred and based on leading international peer-reviewed research in the field of Autism. The Association are deeply committed to enhancing the quality of life of every individual with Autism and their families; passionately supporting them to live their best life possible.

Find out more about Autism Association of WA:

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VisAbility is the leading service provider for low or no vision in Western Australia offering support, advice, and a range of therapy services to people of any age who are blind or vision impaired.

Support is tailored to your specific requirements to nurture skills and confidence, so you can live life to the full. Guide Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs are also offered under our Guide Dogs WA program.

Find out more about VisAbility:

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Dadaa logo



DADAA is Western Australia’s leading disability and arts organisation. DADAA is a great ‘connector’ between the disability/mental health and arts sectors, offering individual artists progression pathways that lead to a greater sense of everyday well-being and professional careers.

Whether you enjoy weekly group workshops for recreational activity, or aspire to becoming a professional artist, DADAA has a pathway for you.

Find out more about DADAA:

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Tony Sarre is a Blind artist whose interests include writing, filmmaking and sound art. Collaboration sits at the heart of his practice and his current body of work centralises accessibility in the arts. For the Behind the Scenes film, Tony collaborated with filmmaker Lincoln MacKinnon who is a Fremantle based sound designer, filmmaker, musician and community arts worker. 

Lincoln often collaborates with community groups to create cultural, artistic and social documentaries, music videos, experimental soundscapes and interactive media works.

Find out more about Tony:

Find out more about Lincoln:

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A woman and two men smile

Stroke Foundation has been funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to deliver information for younger stroke survivors aged 18 to 65 years old, their partners, families, friends and employers.

The project will connect with younger survivors, their partners and families to gain an understanding of their specific needs and provide tailored resources. Resources will be designed and delivered in ways tailored to their audience. Survivors and their family members will be empowered to build their ‘new normal’.

Find out more about the Young Stroke Project:

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The mission of StyleAbility is to educate and collaborate with the fashion and retail industry to deliver stylish and fashion-forward clothes and accessories that define what the future of inclusive and accessible fashion looks like so that everyone has access to clothing that is stylish, functional and inclusive.

I want people with a disability to feel included and represented in fashion and I want to empower people with a disability by helping them to feel confident and stylish in the clothes that they wear.

Find out more about StyleAbility:

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Lindsay Nott obtained a spinal cord injury a number of years ago which sees me get around on 4 wheels instead of 2 legs! 

Since my accident, I have learnt so much and would love to share some of my tips and tricks with you. I am an advocate for disability awareness and my goal is to help people and their families who are in similar situations as well as healthcare professionals.

Find out more about MyC5Life:

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Break the Boundary provides nature-based opportunities for people living with a disability to break their physical, mental and social boundaries to engaging with the outdoor and the wider community. From multi-day beginner-experienced camps to individual clinics and social group rides, we help people connect with the outdoors and experience areas thought to be inaccessible by people with disabilities.

The widest range of adaptive mountain bikes and trail walking technology is available for people to trial and hire. Break the Boundary is the central-hub for resources and information about Adaptive Mountain Biking in Australia.

Find out more about Break the Boundary:

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Inclusive World is a consultancy on disability and diversity. The business draws on the expertise of a wide network of people not only with disability but carers, advocates and allies – all providing the best service to make schools, business and communities inclusive and accessible.

Find out more about Inclusive World:

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