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'Show and Tell'

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AT to help you be a wizard in your kitchen!

Planning, preparing, and cooking a meal is a part of our daily activities but can be challenging for those who live with a chronic health condition or disability. 

In our 'Show and Tell' series, AT for the Kitchen, we asked our community of assistive technology (AT) users, to share a product that helps them be a wizard in their kitchen. As they say, you 'don't know what you don't know' and that's certainly true when it comes to AT.    

"The right assistive technology (AT) is something to be celebrated, it's a tool that can give independence and freedom and can change our lives" - AT Mentor Nerine Williams

There are many mainstream and adaptive products available to help you with everyday tasks and activities in the kitchen. These includes items such as tipping kettles, electric jar and can openers, talking scales and microwaves, adaptive cutlery, and non-slip mats, through to food processors and Thermomix machines. 

Let's not forget that mainstream products can also be adapted or used in in unique ways to suit AT users’ needs. We hope the resources shown below give you an appetite to discover products that can help you be a wizard in your kitchen. 

If you would like one-on-one support to research and get advice about low to mid-cost (low-risk) AT to help you get on with living your life; connect with one of our AT Mentors here


Youtube Video Preview

AT Chatter Poonam

Discover how watching a reel on Instagram after her stroke introduced Poonam to a product that would enable her to prepare roti, chapati, and parathas one-handed with her mum for their family meals.

Listen to the audio descriptive version here.



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AT Chatter Melanie

AT Chatter Melanie says the only thing she uses more than her wheelchair is her ‘stick’. This simple, but life-changing hack helps Melanie with a range of tasks throughout the day, including cooking dinner!

Listen to the audio descriptive version here.



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AT Chatter Kirsty

AT Chatter Kirsty shares why her Thermomix made it to the top of her list of favourite pieces of AT for the kitchen. 

Listen to the audio descriptive version here.




AT Chatter Rachel, had this to say about using her Thermomix:

A plastic container with shavings of parmesan cheese.
"My Thermomix is life changing for our family. It helps me with the things I struggle with such as cutting, peeling, chopping etc due to hand and limb weakness. It also helps me plan meals and put the items I need onto my online Woolworths shopping list.

It’s great for managing the executive function problems of planning and preparing meals for my family as well as the grocery shopping. It has also saved me a lot of money in the long run as I can make things like various types of breads far cheaper than I can buy, and the Thermomix does the kneading for me as just one example.

I also love that it doesn’t take up much room for all of the things that it can do. I’ve even got rid of my bulky rice cooker as the Thermomix makes great rice. To the right is a photograph of a block of Parmesan cheese that I turned into shavings using the Thermomix cutter.


From our AT Mentors

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AT Mentor Glenn Wilson

Making that first cup of tea in the morning, check out how our AT Mentor Glenn does this simple activity safely and independently as someone who is blind. Thanks for sharing Glenn!

Listen to the audio descriptive version here.



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AT Mentor Nerine Williams

Check out AT Mentor Nerine's favourite piece of kitchen AT ‘in disguise’.

Sometimes it’s the simple, mainstream products that can make a big difference to people's lives. 

Watch the audio descriptive version here.

Discover more AT solutions for the kitchen below.

A woman and a young boy are leaning over a kitchen counter setting the dial on a kitchen wiz.

Kitchen Wizz 8 - Spotlight | AT Chat

In this article, AT Chatter Kathleen shares how the Kitchen Wizz 8 is helping her do what she loves; cook for her family.

Youtube Video Preview

AT + Me - Kerry Allen-Zinner

Check out the array of AT, everyday products, and home modifications Kerry Allan-Zinner uses to create her perfect kitchen.

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A man holds a young girl on his hip as she leans forward to push a button on a coffee machine

AT living and independence goals - Jayden's story

Discover the AT Jayden uses in the kitchen to live his 'new norm' after a catastrophic motorcycle accident