Kitchen Wizz 8

by Kathleen Robertson

Kitchen Wiz 8 resized

For the past two years I have had difficulty peeling potatoes, and grating vegetables. I have a brain tumour on the left side of my brain as well as epilepsy. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body (I’m right-handed).  It was getting worse and mixed with arthritis; my hand was always cramping up so I was on the hunt for a product to help me remain independent.  

I was looking at an apple peeler but had to keep turning it which would make my hand cramp up. I also looked into an electric one but the reviews on YouTube weren’t great. 

I had previously worked in hospitality shops, so I asked them, but they didn’t have any suggestions. I eventually asked AT Chat’s Chatterbox members for some recommendations and they were helpful, but their suggestions were not what I was looking for. My partner took me to the shops as we were looking for a new food processor as well. It was then we discovered from reading the back of the Kitchen Wizz 8 box that it has multiple uses from peeling, grating, slicing etc. I knew I found two things I was looking for in the one product.


I ended up purchasing the Breville Kitchen Wizz 8 from Myer for $299. It was on sale at Good Guys for $259 but due to COVID-19 they are waiting on stock. 

I didn’t want to lose my independence in the kitchen as I love cooking for my family.  I can now do things that I had difficulty doing and feel independent which is a big thing as I love to cook as well as teach my 3-year-old son to cook.  

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