The 6 easy steps to access our AT Mentor service

Peer support to help you choose and purchase assistive technology (AT)

Step 1 of the AT Mentor service on a blue background. A man points to a computer screen with the AT Chat logo and QR code leading to the AT Chat website AT Mentor page. The text underneath directs readers to the page URL, The words, find out about the full service and our AT Mentors online are included below.
Step 2 of the AT Mentor service on a green background. A woman seated in her wheelchair at her desk is looking at her computer screen.  The text below says, initial enquiry and booking form. You can just make an enquiry or send us a completed booking form, obligation free.
Step 3 of the AT Mentor service on a yellow background. Three people are standing and seated in front of a whiteboard talking to each other. The text underneath says, team review and confirmation. We then look through your form and confirm next steps with you.
Step 4 of the AT Mentor service on an orange background. A woman with disability is seated at her computer with a whiteboard behind her showing steps 1,2 3... The text underneath says; accept, agree, and appointment. We will send you a quote to accept, along with a terms of agreement and then make an appointment to chat through your request.
Step 5 of the AT Mentor service on an orange background. Three people with disability are seated and standing beside each other with their arms raised. The text underneath says AT recommendations and choice. After our 'chat,' we research options and get in touch to provide you with details of our findings and discuss your choices.
Step 6 of the AT Mentor service on a blue background. A woman is pointing down to a completed letter. The text underneath says, once you choose your AT solution, we will supply a letter of advice for your use of NDIS funds.


You can also download our infographic

Review the 6 easy steps involved to access and use our peer led AT Mentor service by downloading our infographic. 

You can submit an initial enquiry to ask questions about the service or submit a completed booking form to begin your AT journey with an AT Mentor or just give us a call at (08) 6202 4728.

We will then contact you and chat through the next steps.