Mechanical Clothes Line

by Martin Duff

Several years ago we traveled to Europe and stayed with friends. They had a ceiling mounted clothes line which manually was raised and lowered on a pulley system.

When NDIS announced that participants can purchase AT up to the value of $1500.00 I thought of this concept which would be weather proof and also able to be lowered down for easy use. I started Googling ceiling mounted clothes line and looked at some images. There were several manual clothes lines similar to what we had seen in Europe but also this mechanical one which I’d never seen. A bit more Googling showed a couple of video’s on various lifestyle TV shows and links to local distributors.

The WA distributor is in Canning Vale and they have all 3 sizes working on display as well as some manual ones. Mechanical ones need to be installed by an electrician which adds to the cost. Supply and installation cost somewhere between $1800.00 and $1900.00. Both Kerrie and I are NDIS participants so the business was happy provide 2 invoices, one for supply, and one for install to be under the $1500.00 limit. It’s a family run business and nice people.

There’s only one drawback I have noticed and this is with the remote unit. It is square and the buttons are flush, not tactile so in the dark the light button is hard to find. I think I’m going to put some tape on it to identify the top of the remote. The remote replaces your light switch on the wall.

Overall it’s been great once I figured out it’s better to hang clothes out from the far wall back towards the door, otherwise you get stuck trying to limbo under your clothes to get out of the laundry.

AT featured in this story

Two men using wc talking
man using a wheelchair hangs up his laundry on mechanical clothes line

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