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Your mentors are now available to support your access to low to mid-cost AT using your NDIS funding

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Do you need help navigating the world of assistive technology (AT) and the NDIS?

Our AT Mentors work alongside you to research and discover low to mid-cost (low-risk) AT that will help you pursue your goals. We then provide the necessary evidence and letters of advice to purchase it. Learn more here

Images shows a variety of assistive technology for the kitchen and the words, show and tell, AT for the kitchen

What's your favourite piece of AT in the kitchen?

Join your community of assistive technology (AT) who are sharing the AT they use in the kitchen to help them plan and prepare a meal. 

Simply take a short video or photo answering 3 questions and send it to us to be in to win a 'One-Touch can opener'! 

We would love to hear from you before Thursday 29 February. This is so we can include your reel in a resource to support your community to learn about products that could help them be wizards in the kitchen.!

Please follow this link for more information.

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