AT + Me - Mobility devices

People share how they use various mobility devices in their everyday lives. They show a range of wheelchairs, including a powered wheelchair with a bumper bar, as well as some beautifully designed prosthetics. You'll meet a young advocate destined for great things and a man who is a master in adapting AT to solve a problem. However these mobility devices are just one piece of each AT + Me star's assistive technology journey, so watch their stories to find out more about them. 

Jos Franciscus

Jos is a lover of street art, a mum, a wife, Occupational Therapist and founding member of AT Chat.

AT featured in Jos's story 

  • Sunrise medial Quickie rear-wheel drive powered wheelchair
  • Matrix-PB backrest
  • Dorma Privacy Door System
  • Dycem Non-slip Mat and so much more


Rebecca Evans

Rebecca is a youth disability advocate, university student and powerchair footballer.

AT featured in Rebecca's story

  • AC Mobility Traxx 3 Power Wheelchair
  • Sports Power Wheelchair with square bullbar
  • One-handed keyboards
  • Tray Tables

Rob Barr

Rob has become a master in adapting and creating AT to solve a problem. From engineering a solenoid (valve) to his wheelchair's footplates so he can independently empty his catheter bag, to attaching a tripod to his wheelchair so he can pursue his passion for photography, Rob is a great example of thrive not just survive.

AT featured in Rob's story

  • Quantum 6000 Z Powered Wheelchair
  • Heaps of custom AT


Lisa Burnette

Lisa is a wife, mother of two, an IT Nurse, the President of People With Disabilities WA, Chairwoman of her local Scout committee and a 'life hack' enthusiast. 

AT featured in Lisa's story

  • Quickie 5R Manual Wheelchair
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Reaching devices
  • Gardening devices