AT + Me - AT for the senses

Stories about how people use AT for the senses in their everyday lives. Whether it's a complex BrailleNote system that helps a budding journalist, or a standard cane affectionately named "Mosey" because it helps a young woman mosey along, there is a range of amazing people using AT to live their lives. 

a woman wearing a blue dress stands next to her daughter who is sitting in a elevated wheelchair holding a sign that reads assistive technology = freedom

Alice O'Sullivan

Alice shows us four incredible pieces of assistive technology; her powered wheelchair that can stand up to a full 180 degrees, her nifty cane that she's affectionately named 'Mosey', a new posture correction device and her awesome Bluetooth lock that keeps her school locker secure and easy to access.

AT featured in Alice's story

  • Upright Go
  • Permobile F5 Corpus VS Standing Wheelchair
  • Cane
  • Anboud Bluetooth Smart Lock


Ness Vlajkovic

Ness is a high profile youth disability advocate, journalism student and cheerleader, who does all this and more as a person who is deafblind. As she has dual sensory loss she can’t read small print or hear conversation, which has made her passionate about the assistive technology she uses to live her everyday life.

Ness told AT Chat her close connection with her two types of Braille readers is something of a “life support” and that she depends on this technology “almost like oxygen”.

AT featured in Ness's story

  • Humanware BrailleNote


The Bolger family

This family of expert assistive technology users, all living on the Autism spectrum, talk through their Sensory Diet and how they use AT in their everyday lives.

They also get some "assistive dognology" from their lovable pooch.

AT featured in their story 

  • Crash mats
  • Cocoon swing
  • Watchminder watch
  • Noise cancelling headphones

Peter Renzullo

Peter has embarked on a venture that very few have tried and even fewer succeeded. He is writing, directing and filming his own feature film - Anticipation. What makes this feat even more impressive is that Peter is vision impaired. Peter has sourced technology that makes this massive task easier for him. Peter is living proof that if there is a will then there is a way.

AT featured in Peter's story

  • Blackmagic camera
  • LG Ultra-wide monitors


Grace King

Grace is an assistive technology expert using AT in her day to day life as a local planner with the NDIA. She is a celebrated singer, blind table tennis enthusiast and essential oil mixologist.

AT featured in Grace's story

  • ID Mate
  • PENfriend 2 label reader
  • Braille Sense
  • Google Home

Georgina Hook - Part 1

We ring Georgina’s unique doorbell system and find out how she found the right balance between her hearing aids and cochlear implant. She also gives us insight into the different levels of Auslan interpreters and the connection she has formed with her favourite interpreter Tamina.

AT featured in Georgina's story

  • Doorbell Systems
  • Listening/hearing devices
  • AUSLAN Interpreters


Georgina Hook - Part 2

Georgina explains how she contacts businesses using the National Relay Service. She also delves into the benefits of visual communication AT for her work and social life.

AT featured in Georgina's story 

  • National Relay Service