AT + Me - Around the home

You're invited inside the homes of AT + Me stars, as they share their experiences designing their home to suit their needs. From building their house from scratch using universal design, to complex home automation, these stories will have you thinking about what you can do around your home. So ring their video doorbell and be welcomed into the unique homes of these wonderful people.

Elizabeth Edmondson

Join our much loved AT Chatter Elizabeth Edmondson as she shares the renovations to her kitchen and bathroom that both look good and are now more accessible.






Gary Barnes - Indoors

Gary uses an array of AT to look after his beautiful 14 acre rural property and we start by checking out his home.

AT featured in Gary's story

  • Fibaro Home Automation System
  • Logitech Harmony Control smart remotes
  • My Air - App controlled air conditioning
  • Exercise equipment



Gary Barnes - Outdoors

Venture out on Gary's large rural property to see how he's modified his 4WD powered wheelchair to allow him to mow the grass. He'll also show you how he can control the reticulation and gate from anywhere in the world.

AT featured in Gary's story

  • Magic Mobility Extreme X8 Powered Wheelchair
  • Tow 'N' Mow
  • Rain Bird reticulation
  • Gates and Gate Openers

Kerry Allan-Zinner

Kerry has made a career out of quality accessibility evaluation and she took that knowledge to incorporate access principles in the design of her home. She also uses an array of AT mixed with some everyday items to create her perfect living space.

AT featured in Kerry's story

  • Dycem non-slip Mats
  • Uccello Feather Light Power Pour Kettle
  • Days Adjustable Height Trolley Walker
  • Dental Aids


Chris Sontag

Chris's fully automated home is controlled by a central smart hub and also features rotating shelves in the pantry, clothing rails that lower down at the push of a button and a self-installed electronic gate that makes it easier for him to store his off-road handcycles.

AT featured in Chris's story

  • Helio 2N IP Force intercom
  • Fibaro Home Automation
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Auto pantry and clothing rails



Kerrie and Martin Duff - Home

Along with adorable pup Lucy, Kerrie and Martin share their kitchen modifications and talk through the AT they use for gardening and sewing. You will love their ideas on adapting everyday items and how they create their own AT to enable them to live the life they choose.

AT featured in Kerrie and Martin's story

  • Two drawer dishwasher
  • Gardening devices
  • Reaching device
  • Accuquilt go cutter

Brooke Franklin

Home automation enthusiast Brooke invites you into her home to take you through the AT that makes her life easier and more efficient. A benefit of all the assistive technology that’s featured in the video is that it’s straight off the shelf and easily installed.

AT featured in Brooke's story

  • Google home
  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Philips Hue Connected LED light
  • Sensibo Smart air conditioner