AT + Me Stories

Find out how your peers use AT to live, play, work

A man sits in a wheelchair with his hand on the car door.

People use AT for everything from going sailing, riding horses, driving cars, to speaking their minds, completing university work, and cooking dinner.

In our AT + Me video series your peers share their uniquely different assistive technology journeys. People love hearing from their peers with the series being viewed over 50K times! Check out Alice's story below to get you started.

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AT + Me - Meet Alice O'Sullivan

Alice is an expert AT user, writer and advocate for students with disability.

In her AT + Me story she shows us four incredible pieces of assistive technology; her powered wheelchair that can stand up to a full 180 degrees, her nifty cane that she's affectionately named 'Mosey', a new posture correction device and her awesome Bluetooth lock that keeps her school locker secure and easy to access.