Tech Tuesday - Mobility devices

Health professionals discuss some mobility devices that could help people get around. First up is a power assist device that attaches to a manual wheelchair and then we explore the wide range of scooters.

SmartDrive MX2

Occupational Therapist Nicole takes you through the pros and cons of this power assist wheelchair device that can be controlled via a wireless Bluetooth bracelet.

AT featured in this episode

  • SmartDrive MX2



Mobility Scooters 

Occupational Therapist Lynda is rolling, riding and updating us on mobility scooters. Sometimes called gophers, this assistive technology provides plenty of options based on your needs.

AT featured in this episode

  • Pride Sportrider Scooter
  • Invacare Leo Scooter
  • Solax Genie Plus Automatic Folding Travel Scooter
  • Monarch Gatsby