Tech Tuesday - Around the home

Health professionals go through a variety of different assistive technology that can make home life more convenient. They explore the simplest of sock devices right through to the latest smart home automation options. So tune in to learn how assistive technology can make your home life a little easier. 

Home Automation

Occupational therapist Lauren gives you an overview of home automation to get you thinking about how you can make your home more convenient.

AT featured in this epsiode

  • Smart Home Automation




Home Security

This episode we focus on an integral part of home automation, security. Technology has moved past traditional security cameras, CCTV and outdoor lighting, to integrating cameras into doorbells and indoor lighting that changes colour when the phone rings.

AT featured in this episode

  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Inactivity Alert Sensor

Google Home

In this episode we talk to Google Home and learn how this assistive technology gives you hands-free voice control over your home! Not only does this device make your life easier it also makes tasks quicker and more seamless.

AT featured in this episode

  • Google Home



Bestic - Eating Devices

This episode looks at a switch operated eating aid called the Bestic. This clever robotic arm is fitted with a spoon that's controlled by the push of a switch.

AT featured in this episode

  • Bestic Eating Assistive Device
  • Angled and Bendable Cutlery
  • Universal Quad Cuff
  • Adams Plates

Sock Devices

This assistive technology may be simple but it's also very useful. Occupational therapist Emma explains the different types of sock devices, how you can make your own and that compression socks are no longer plain and boring.

AT featured in this episode

  • Jobst Compression Stocking Donner
  • Top & Derby Range of compression socks


Intimacy AT

Occupational therapist Simone discusses options available to achieve meaningful intimacy should you have limitations due to sensation, movement or fatigue.

AT featured in this episode

  • Range of alternative sexual devices