Your AT Portal

Your Portal will be your central platform where you can collate and build your AT journey, your way. By compiling AT data from the National Equipment Database (NED) the Portal will allow you to store all your AT information in one place, from type and model through to the members of your team.

For more personalised guidance, you’ll be able to connect with an AT Navigator who will work with you to create your 'AT Solutions Guide' to help you take control of your goals.

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AT Discover

Learn from lived experience.

You will have the opportunity to increase your AT knowledge by accessing the peer-led AT modules on your new e-learning platform, AT Discover. 

Different modules will be regularly added and cover a range of topics to continually provide learning opportunities for you to do at your own pace. 


The AT Portal will provide you with a central hub to store your AT Journey, get lived-experience guidance from an AT Navigator and discover peer-led AT information and resources.

Your AT Portal will be live in August. Watch this space!

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