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Your Facebook group AT Chatterbox provides AT users from around the world with a safe online space to share information, experiences and ideas around the topic of assistive technology (aids and equipment).

Spotlight shines a light on some of the most awesome AT discoveries that are shared on Chatterbox. This incredible community of AT users never cease to amaze with their innovation and constant thirst for knowledge of the latest in assistive technology. 

If you've ever had an AT question, an idea you'd like to share or you just want to see what other AT users are up to, AT Chatterbox is for you.

Back of two people using power wheelchairs.  They are seated in front of a brown wall

Rain Bird Irrigation system

Gary and Greg from Regain Independence take us through the Rain Bird reticulation system and how the clever technology has made watering Gary's massive property a breeze.

AT featured in this story



Life hacks, tips and tricks!

Our AT Chatterbox community is a hive of innovators and life hackers.  Check out some AT hacks to help you live, play, work.

AT featured in this story

  • Schlage Sense Smart
  • Microwave shelf



Mechanical Clothes Line

Expert AT user and active Chatterbox member Martin explores the benefits of having a mechanical clothes line that can be raised and lowered to suit his needs.

AT featured in Martin's story

  • Mechanical Clothes Lines





Kitchen Wizz 8

Chatterbox member Kathleen shares how the Kitchen Wizz 8 is helping her do what she loves; cook for her family.

AT featured in Kathleen's story

  • Breville Kitchen Wizz 8 Food Processor 


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